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REJIS Training is responsible for training our customers on all REJIS applications, access protocols and security issues. The goal of our training is to share information that enables our users to get maximum value from our products and services. Our training staff is very skilled and experienced with our products and services, and they train thousands of system users each year. Training classes are available on a regular basis at no additional cost to our customers.

Training RoomThe training for our Law Enforcement customers in the use of REJIS (Local), MULES (State), and NCIC (FBI) databases allows them to meet certification standards required by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the FBI.

Much of our training material is available on the REJIS Extranet for users with access to this website, and system users can test on-line to meet certification standards.

Classes are generally held at the REJIS offices, 4255 West Pine Blvd. in the central west end of St. Louis, Monday - Friday, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Specialized or individual instruction can be scheduled to meet the needs of our customers.

Training Program for Potential Employment at a Law Enforcement Agency

The Pre-Employment Training Program is available to individuals that are interested in future employment with a law enforcement agency. The training program itself consists of several modules, each being one or more days long and intermittently scheduled over a two-three month period. Enrollment is dependent on the availability of space in the regular training program. Individuals who successfully complete the program are certified to perform both entry and inquiry functions in the law enforcement systems which enhances their future employment opportunities. The certification is valid for two years.

Individuals must meet law enforcement employment standards set by the state of Missouri and the law enforcement agency.

Prior to being accepted for the Pre-Employment Training Program, the applicant will be required to submit to a fingerprint based criminal history background check. Anyone with a felony conviction will not be permitted to enroll. There is an $850 fee for the training program plus $100 for a fingerprint based background check. The $100 fee is due at the time of application and is not refundable. The $850 fee is due two weeks prior to start of the first class. For more information contact Training@rejis.org .

Pre-Employment Application